Jodie Turner-Smith puts breast milk in her face serums.

The 'Queen & Slim' star gave birth to her daughter Janie four months ago, and has said ever since she became a first-time mother, she's been putting her own breast milk into her beauty products to help keep her skin looking healthy.

She said: ''Ever since I had my baby, my current beauty secret is that I put breast milk in all of my face serums. My skin is very sensitive, so I use a light cleanser, and then I put on a serum with aloe and breast milk that I literally squeeze right into my hands from my boob. I think it's the lactic acid. I've just found that the milk has been revolutionary.''

Jodie is currently starring in a campaign for Gucci's latest Bloom fragrance, and gushed over the brand's creative director, Alessandro Michele, for his ''genderless'' and ''playful'' approach to fashion.

She added: ''I had long admired Alessandro's aesthetic: fanciful and genderless and really playful.''

The 34-year-old actress - who has her daughter with her husband Joshua Jackson - also praised her campaign photos, as she was able to be ''powerful'' and ''gentle'' at the same time, which she says is rare for a Black woman in the fashion industry.

She explained: ''There were so many times where I would take photos, and whoever I'm working with was like, 'Now, can you be really fierce and growl?' And it's like, 'Can I just be tender?' White women get to be that all the time. So I loved the fact that I could be this woman who is powerful while still gentle. Can I be a carefree Black girl?!''

And Jodie loves the new Bloom fragrance as an avid fan of essential oils, incense, and floral fragrances, as the scent is a heady blend of tuberose, jasmine, and sandalwood.

Speaking to Vogue magazine, she said: ''Scent really has the power to shift your mood, to calm you, to excite you. That's something that's always been very important to me.''