Jodie Turner-Smith says her daughter was her “unforgettable accessory” when she took part in awards season last year whilst pregnant.

The 34-year-old actress gave birth to her daughter Janie in April last year, and in the months before her arrival, Jodie was seen on several red carpets wearing stunning gowns that complemented her burgeoning baby bump.

In one memorable moment, Jodie wore a bright yellow halter neck Gucci gown for the BAFTA Awards in February 2020, and has now admitted she “can’t wait” to show her daughter the pictures when she’s older.

She told MatchesFashion: "I love gowns because you always feel like a f****** princess, whatever a princess wears in your head. But I had the most unforgettable accessory with that [yellow] gown: I love that my baby has been with me on my fashion journey.

"Every bit of press, every cover, I was pregnant. I can't wait to share that with her when she's older."

At the time of the awards, Jodie took to Instagram to share pictures of her gorgeous gown, where she also revealed she had to leave the ceremony early because her pregnancy hormones had made her cranky from lack of food.

She wrote: "I've never felt more beautiful, i will never ever forget this moment, and i look forward to showing this to my baby angel years from now. Any way, the #BAFTAs are not yet over but this pregnant lady has to leave because if i don't eat every 2.5hrs i turn into florence pugh from the 3rd act of midsommar — highly emotional & very likely to let my man get sewn into a bear costume and burnt alive (sic)."