Julie Edwards becomes ''a bit of a rager'' when she steps behind her drum kit.

The drummer - one half of female rock-duo Deap Vally with singer and guitarist Lindsey Troy - admits drumming can cause her to become ''hostile'' and ''aggressive''.

Julie exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I'm mild-mannered but drumming is so high energy and the energy can go all kinds of ways, depending on what's going on. It can become elation but it can also become hostility and aggression.

''One time, when we were tracking 'Bad For My Body' in the studio and I was playing that drum beat over and over and over again, I just f**king lost it and I threw a tantrum and I threw my sticks and my headphones across the room.''

Julie also explained why getting behind the kit has such a dramatic effect on her.

She added: ''It's a combination of being frustrated but also hitting things hard that are loud for long periods of time kind of gets you there. I've become a bit of a rager.''

Deap Vally's debut album 'Sistrionix' is out now and the group are playing a number of festivals across Europe over the summer.