Justin Bieber is rarely out of the news, making sure his name is always out their in the world of celebrity-based news. He's so relentless that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with what he's doing and given his rate of 'news'-making abilities, he's likely to do the same again next week, while we're still trying to remember what he did over the past working week.

Justin Bieber Live
Justin has had yet another hectic week

Most recently, a video from one of his shows in New Jersey from earlier in the week (30 July) emerged online showing the Canadian superstar being pelted with missiles from the crowd, including a shiny new iPhone from one silly young fan. During the Tuesday show at the Prudential Centre in Newark, Bieber threatened to walk off stage after fans wouldn't stop throwing objects on stage, with one fan throwing the final straw - a pair of undies (who said it doesn't happen anymore) - and provoking a response from Biebs.

"Will (you stop) throwing things already... Can you please refrain from throwing things on stage please thank you. Do you guys want me to keep performing or what?" He said, at which point he was thrown the expensive Apple treat.

"I say don't throw stuff on stage... and they throw a phone. I mean I do need a new iPhone..." he said, before shoving the phone down his pants, then taking it back out and then throwing it back into the crowd in another direction. The singer has also been given a final warning from his manager Scooter Braun to stop hanging around with his best friend; rapper Lil Twist. Earlier this week, a battery report was filed by Los Angeles police in response to a claims from a woman who says the rapper attacked her during a party at Bieber's Calabasas mansion. Justin wasn't in at the time and isn't involved in the case, but he had given Twist the keys to his crib while he was on the road - not the first time Twist has gotten Justin into trouble by misusing his stuff.

Lil Twist
Lil Twist has gotten Justin in trouble before

Going back to his live shows, his follow-up show in Newark the next Wednesday (31 July) was roundly panned by critics, who complained that the singer was lip-syncing during his show and was sluggish throughout the performance. In further bad news on the road, one of his touring vehicles was pulled over during a border check into America from Canada, where a small about of cannabis and some drug paraphernalia was found. As was the case with Twist, Justin wasn't involved and wasn't charged by police, he just had his name dragged through the dirt again and further added to his 'badboy' image, an image that Sharon Osbourne isn't particularly convinced with. Oh yeah, and he's been told to pay the bill for the whole monkey-fiasco from earlier this year by German authorities.

Justin Bieber
Who knows what Justin has planned for next week

In a slightly better turn of luck, the 'Baby' singer was cleared of charges after a potentialhit-and-run case. The singer was accused of hitting a photographer with his car back in June, but the ruling judge deemed this week that the photog was in the wrong because he was stood in front of Justin's moving vehicle. The singer also broke into the record books when his first single 'Baby' became the first digital single ever to be awarded a Diamond certificate for sales. The track has gone 12 times platinum in America and has racked up a whopping 3.9 million in sales since it's 2010 release.

Who knows what next week has to offer for the busiest young pop star in the world.

Justin Cinema
Justin has 'grown-up' a lot since 'Baby'