Katherine Webb quits Splash, as the show loses yet another star. Reality shows are supposed to bring out the best in our minor celebrities. They are supposed to overcome their fears, find talents they never knew they had, provide inspiration for viewers at home, move us with their emotional backstory. Sadly, the US version of Splash hasn’t quite had that effect, so far.

If you’re unfamiliar with Splash, it’s a show in which a group of semi-famous almost-celebrities learn to do what loads of people do when they’re a kid: Jump off things, into water. Now, to be fair, the skill level required for the whole jumping off things in to water contest does go a little bit higher, as the season progresses, than most people would manage during a summer vacation at the hotel pool. However, Splash has been a little lacking in drama. And now, Katherine Webb has quit – not in a scandalous fit of frustration or after the producers decided to do a doping test. Nothing that dramatic. She’s hurt herself and the doctor says ‘no more.’ Rumors that she quit because she realised how boring the show was are currently unconfirmed, mainly because we just started that rumor right now. “I went to the doctor and, unfortunately, he told me I'm out of the competition,” the 23 year-old model explained. She later tweeted “Thank you guys for all the support! Means so much. Love you guys."

She was replaced by Louie Anderson, who was booted off the show previously and wasted no time in dropping right back out again, the lily-livered so-and-so. “I know I have very little chance of winning this competition," he said. "And I am going home, and I am going to defer to Brandi (Chastain) because she has a chance to win this competition." And let's not forget Kendra Wilkinson who left sobbing because she was scared of heights. Splash, ladies and gentlemen: really bringing out the fighting spirit in these minor celebrities. 

Lest we should forget: some people do some diving on Splash