As this up and coming songstress supports the newly re-grouped Westlife on their UK tour, she gives us a glimpse into a day in the life of a young popstar with her exclusive tour diary. Her latest single This Is What It's Like is out now, the video for which we premiered exclusively back in February.

Keelie WalkerKeelie Walker

6am - I've just woken up; very tired and didn't want to get out of bed but duty calls. I'm supporting Westlife tonight at the SSE Arena in Belfast and it's my second night on the tour. I'm nervous but still very excited! I woke up early to do vocals at 7am but before that I drink plenty of tea and water to make sure my voice is hydrated.

9am - Just arrived at my first radio interview of the day and I'm really excited to be speaking live on air! The studio is very colourful and everyone was really sweet, although I had to warm-up to the Irish accents. Everything went really well.

10:30am - I'm now back at the hotel for more back-to-back phone interviews! What's fun about phone interviews is that you can do them in your pyjamas in bed and no-one knows!

3:30pm - Just arrived at the Arena. Before even stepping inside I am heading to a radio interview on a bus which is parked outside. The interview was really fun and there were already people queuing outside the Arena waiting to see Westlife.

6:50pm - Backstage. Ten minutes before I go on. It means a lot to me to perform on a big stage. I'm ready and less nervous than I was on my first night. The most important thing is that we all just have fun and if I am enjoying it then the crowd is enjoying it.

7:30pm - Just stepped off stage! The crowd was insane and super fun! I feel a sense of accomplishment and happy with knowing that I gave it my best. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life!

00:00 - Just done getting ready for bed. I'm super tired and my eyes feel heavy but I feel so thankful that Westlife asked me to join their tour. I know it's going to be a crazy experience and I can't wait to meet all the lovely people along the way. Goodnight!