Kyle Newman is ''deeply saddened'' after Jaime King filed for a restraining order against him.

The 'Hart of Dixie' actress filed for divorce from the director - with whom she has children James, six, and four-year-old Leo - earlier this week and also asked for him to be ordered to stay away from her, a request granted temporarily until a hearing can take place.

Jaime, 41, also requested full custody and visitation of her children, but it was denied, also pending a hearing, and Kyle was ''extremely pleased'' that the judge hasn't stopped him from seeing his kids.

His spokesperson told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''Kyle was deeply saddened by Jaime's attempt to obtain court orders based solely on false claims without providing him any opportunity to respond.

''As a result, he was extremely pleased that the judge nevertheless permitted their children to remain in his care.

''As Kyle continues to solo parent, as he has done throughout this pandemic, he remains entirely focused on putting the children's stability and welfare first.

''Kyle wants nothing but the best for his whole family and hopes that Jaime can find the peace and help she needs.''

It is not known what ''false claims'' Kyle is referring to, or the details about the pair's divorce after 12 years of marriage.

Just a few days before she filed for divorce, the 'Bulletproof King' actress paid tribute to her children and thanked them for ''choosing'' her to be their mother.

She tweeted: ''I am incredibly blessed to be your mama. Thank you for choosing me my beautiful babies.

''May I always hold for you and be the safest space that you know with happiness, peace, unconditional loving, support, laughter, abundance, understanding, joy and hearing and seeing you for you forever.''