You've heard the song on the radio. People are humming it anywhere and everywhere you go. It's currently the number one track on Billboard's Hot 100 and the U.S. Top 40 charts. It's the song 'Rude' by reggae-pop band Magic!. You know the song, but do you know the masterminds behind the crazy catchy tune?

Magic live
Magic perform live at KTUphoria (credit: Getty 2014/Mike Coppola)

"Apparently, every time they had them read, it said one of their children was going to be famous," Magic! singer Nasri Atweh said of his parents getting coffee grounds read. "Then this psychic looked at me when I was six months, a year old, and said, 'Your son will be famous one day.' I'm not famous yet, and it doesn't mean much to me, but I hear that story a lot these days." The quote taken from USA Today was during 'Rude's rise to the top, and it's a pretty safe bet that you can now officially deem Nasri and Co. famous.

Though Magic! just recently arrived at the number one spot, chart topping is nothing new for Nasri. The now 33 year old found success early on in his homeland of Canada as an R&B singer when he was 19. Signed to Universal Canada, he eventually left the label in order to find a sound that was a better fit for him, until he realized his current sound was a perfect fit for other artists instead. Nasri found his first songwriting hit, 'Summertime,' in 2008 - the reunion single from New Kids on the Block. Eventually, he moved out to Los Angeles and linked up with Adam Messenger - forming the production duo The Messengers. Over the years, they've contributed to a number of big name tracks such as Justin Bieber's 'All Around the World' and Pitbull's 'Feel This Moment.' Still, despite the success, Nasri still had a desire to be a performing artist.

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