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Gone are the days that you need to ‘make it big’ to make money with music. No longer do you need to have a record deal and be the biggest pop or rock star of your time. As nice as that would be for many musicians, it’s of course not realistic for everyone. So being able to make a living with your passion, even if you’re not the next big thing in the industry is important. Thanks to the internet and technology, musicians are now able to make money with their talent and find new ways to get creative. More people are able to access the music they have made, with no big record labels needed to get it out there. Here are just a few ways you can go about it if you have a talent and passion for music.


Live Shows

If you have a complete band and make music this way then performing live on stage can be a fantastic way to earn money and gain recognition. Start small, lots of pubs and venues are always on the lookout for talent and will pay to have you play live on stage. This could also involve performing at events including weddings and various shows too. While it might not be quite the same as playing to a sell-out stadium, it’s the perfect way for you to build your experience, get used to being up on stage in front of a live audience and may inspire you to create new music as well. Start by setting up a website with your information and some clips of your music, so that customers can gain an understanding of what you sound like and what to expect to help them decide whether to book you.


Get on Social Media

Building a presence on social media can be really lucrative, and if you love to perform then this can be a fantastic way to get your image and sound out there. If live shows aren’t your thing, this could be a good option as you’re able to curate things much more easily and only post your best edited versions. YouTube is a good option although TikTok is the place to be these days and is where you’re most likely to go viral. Go into things being business minded, you need to have a defined niche and decide exactly what it is that you’ll be offering your viewers. Something a little different is key, take ‘Sea Shanty’ that went viral last year. People went crazy for it; his songs are catchy and different and it really took off. Go into things with the same approach.


Get Professionally Educated / Tutor Others

Becoming a tutor enables you to pass on your skills to others which can be incredibly rewarding. Maybe you’re a singer or perhaps you play an instrument. On the other hand, you might want to take a music production course and get a professional understanding of the ins and outs of creating tracks from scratch. Either way, if you have skills and experience then this could be a fantastic career option. Tutoring is really flexible, you can do it in person or via video chat meaning you can connect with pupils all around the world.


Check out Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are a great option for creatives in general- from artists to writers to photographers. They involve completing shorter tasks for clients looking for something specific. As a musician, micro jobs can be a really good way to make money, you could be making simple jingles for radio ads or for creatives to use as background music and so much more. There are also sites that allow you to host your own tracks that you’ve already created and then earn a small amount for each download. This is a fantastic source of passive income, as once the track has been created you don’t need to do anything further and can continue earning money from it over time.