Mark Conseulos thinks Justin Bieber's crush on his wife is ''fantastic''.

The 'Baby' hitmaker recently admitted he had a ''big crush'' on the 'Live with Kelly and Michael!' host Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark has insisted he has no problems with the 21-year-old singer's admission

He said: ''I thought it was fantastic. I agreed with what he said; she makes me feel a certain way as well.''

When a caller on Watch What Happens Live! told him the star was ''bold'', he replied: ''I know, but what are you going to do? Be angry at Justin Bieber? You can't be angry at Justin Bieber.''

Meanwhile, the 44-year-old television personality previously admitted she was ''worried'' for Justin.

Asked about his comments, she said: ''Justin, I love you, you know that I've taken my daughter to 400 Justin Bieber concerts. [But] I do believe this is a cry for help. I'm worried about him ...

''If you need me, I am here and you can call me and we will work it out. We see each other, we'll work it out!''

And when asked what Mark thought of Justin's message, she added: ''Mark literally said, 'Where did they find that picture?' And I said, 'A dentist's office from 1980.'

''Thank you Justin, though, you really gave me tremendous street cred with my daughter.''