The Turner prize winning artist Mark Wallinger has unveiled a white horse in The Mall, London which he hopes will return interest in another project of his; a 50 metre tall horse to be constructed in Kent. 

The enormous horse was the winner of The Ebbsfleet Landmark Project. Standing at 50 metres it would be double the height of Antony Gormley's Angel of the North and will cost up to £15m to make, with projected costs of £12m. The entire project has come up against a brick wall financially. As Wallinger explains "It was always going to be wholly privately funded and then the economic crash came just after the announcement of the winner."

The white horse now standing in The Mall he hopes will reignite interest in the project and push funding for a truly unique sculpture. "There's only so much that the imagination can do," he told the BBC. "So people seeing something that solid and real, then that, I think, is a very large prod towards what the larger thing could look like or could signify."

Wallinger's work is largely interested in and influenced by national identity. He has been interested in horses for many years and Saatchi exhibited his life-size paintings of them during the '90s. He links the horse to British history peculiar to the area of Ebbsfleet and of his design said: "I like the fact that it will be rather uncanny in terms of its scale but that in the end it is simply a horse in a field."