Matty Healy doesn't agree that musicians should ''stay in their lane''.

The frontman of The 1975 thinks it is important that musicians open up about issues that are important to them and encourages people who have a platform to ''use it''.

He said: ''This whole thing of [people saying] 'stay in your lane' - well, we will stay in our lane but our lane is socially and politically informed pop music. It's a big lane. People who have a platform should use it, that's just b****ing out if you don't.

''You can be scared of being perceived as being preachy but the fact of the matter is, in times like this, art is way more important. It just is. People need to accept and do something about that. We're going to try and do something about that.''

And the 27-year-old singer went on to praise David Bowie for changing how sexuality is spoken about in public.

Matty said: ''Bowie changed the way we talk about sexuality in public, that's something I'll always remember because that obviously has transcended and informed so much of culture.''

Whilst his bandmate George added to BBC Newsbeat: ''Those artists were about so much more about breaking taboos than they were about being musicians.''

Meanwhile, Matty previously insisted he hates when people say his music success is down to his famous parents, former soap actress Denise Welch and 'Benidorm' star Tim Healy.

He said: ''My parents did make following a creative pursuit seem like a viable life choice, but 'Coronation Street' doesn't buy you currency in rock 'n' roll. It's a curse, actually.

''When people say my parents bought my connections I think: 'Yeah, the best person to get you a record deal is Curly Watts. Mention Gail Tilsley to Universal Records and you've got a number one album in America.''