Maya Jama says her skincare routine is her "balance" to "make up" for her multitude of "sins".

The 26-year-old MIJ Masks founder has confessed that her lifestyle isn't the healthiest, as she loves to indulge in fast food and drink booze, and doesn't always get enough shut-eye after hitting the town.

However, the British star's beauty "ritual" is her act of self-care.

She told The Independent: “100% it’s a ritual.

“I’m not that healthy in my lifestyle – I drink, I party, I don’t sleep that much, I eat s****. So, my skincare is my balance, where I feel like I make up for my sins. OK, I’ve had three McDonald’s and I went to bed at four, but I’ve had a mask and a cleanse, and I’ve got my eye masks on, so I’m making up for it.”

The 'Glow Up' host - who launched her skincare brand in December 2020 - insisted it was a no-brainer to release her own face and eye masks.

She said: “I’m obsessed with skincare and I’ve always been a face mask girl.

“I ended up promoting loads of other people’s brands for free – but I am the consumer, why would I not make my own when I know what’s good?"

Elsewhere, Maya revealed one of her biggest beauty mistakes was using hair removal cream on her whole head, and now she has "extra hairy cheeks" as a result.

She recalled: "I saw some hairs on my cheek, which is very normal. I found my mum’s hair removal cream, did my moustache (which I do), but I thought, ‘Why don’t I just do my whole head?’ So, I did my whole head. I had a rash for about a week – this is in secondary school time. Now I get extra hairy cheeks because I did that.”