Plus size model and internet sensation Tess Holliday has now apologised for a 'flippant' racist remark she made during a recent interview with a British newspaper. Holliday took to Facebook to explain the intended humour behind her comments after backlash from social media users, and claims that it was never her intention to offend. 

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The 29-year-old model was interviewed by the Guardian last weekend and made a remark which alluded to a racial stereotype. The newspaper interviewed Holliday whilst on a shoot in Brooklyn and, during the shoot, an African American man reportedly cat called her. Whilst discussing the incident, Holliday said: “I do admit that black men love me. I always forget that, and then I come to a black neighbourhood and I remember.” Evidently, she was alluding to the stereotype that black men prefer larger women.  

Holliday received criticism on social media for her remarks and she issued a statement on Facebook in which she apologised and further explained the context of her ‘flippant’ remarks. Holliday claimed she was unused to being interviewed and had intended her comment to be humorous. 

‘I apologise for any hurt that my flippant comment has caused. I'll try to provide some context which hopefully will change the way in which it is being viewed, but I have to also accept that being followed and quoted is something new for me and I am going to occasionally say or do things that make people unhappy. For that I am sorry, your opinions are important to me,’ Holliday wrote on Facebook. 

‘I am not a perfect human being, I am still growing and learning, and the title of "role model" is not one that I have chosen - it was thrust onto me, despite my reluctance,’ the model continued. 

Unfortunately for Holliday, the backlash continues with some users claiming Holliday has excused her comments rather than recognised her fault, as the Independent reports. One part of her statement which was particularly criticised was her attempt to brush off the incident as humorous, claiming she is ‘cat called by black men significantly more than by white [men]’. She further directly discussed the stereotype she had been alluding to. 

‘It was also meant to play into the idea that black men like bigger women, but the humour of that doesn't come through,’ Holliday wrote. 

Holliday came to prominence in 2013 when she coined the hashtag ‘Effyourbeautystandards’ after being bullied online for posting pictures of herself in a bikini. The hashtag was quickly picked up by other Instagram users and continues to be popular. Holliday recently made history by becoming the first plus size model to appear on the cover of People magazine.  

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recent interview from The Guardian has upset some people, and I thought I needed to address it publicly to try and clear...

Posted by Tess Holliday on Monday, 8 June 2015