Mozez has announced the release of his new solo album.

The Zero 7 collaborator has revealed he will release his first album of original material in almost a decade, 'Wings' on November 6, with Mozez insisting the record is about ''optimism'' in society.

He explained: ''The point of the record is optimism.

''There's so much frustration and trouble in society, but the future is what we as humanity make of it. We're in a state of metamorphosis, and my view is we can have a grand future if we can come to a collective consciousness.''

The 12-song LP has already proved impressive with singles 'Wings' and 'River Run' but Mozez - who received rave reviews for 2006's 'So Still' - admitted he struggled to make the record because after completing one album, he scrapped it as it sounded too similar to his work with Zero 7.

He commented: ''I needed to get my own sounds. I've done that, eventually.''

And the star - whose real name is Osmond Wright - also revealed he decided to create a moniker for making music in the first place because he wanted a ''different mindset''.

He added: ''It didn't sound the right name for an artist. I admire Motown, hence Mo, and I played around with that until I hit on Mozez. It's strange how a name gives you a different mindset. If someone calls me Osmond now, I feel like I'm doing business. As Mozez, I feel like an artist.''