Whilst you may think that you're forever in control of your destiny and that you have every aspect of your life sewn up, you may be surprised to find out that your decisions are being affected more than you think. I'm sure you're aware, once you get to a certain age at least, of how susceptible you are to the lure of a good advert, the attention grabbing qualities of a great strap line or the innovative ways in which you find yourself drawn in by carefully curated product placement; after all where would we be without James Bond's go to brands?


You may not realise just how much thought has gone into choosing the classical soundtrack you find yourself listening to in your favourite coffee shop, and you may not even think about how many man hours, and how much research, has gone into the smallest detail of each sound a Smart Phone app generates, but all of these things, without exception, have been painstakingly thought through to enhance your experience so that you remain loyal to the brand.

Music has long since been recognised as a way to subtly, or otherwise, shift the mood of the listener, to create a certain atmosphere or to provoke a particular response. Coffee shops are one example, but shopping malls, call centres, car parks, elevators, restaurants, diners and even dentists employ music to create or alter a mood.

When it comes to gambling, casinos and on-line betting, the stakes, forgive the pun, are set even higher. If you can tap into a player's subconscious in such a way as to affect how they gamble then you're onto a sure fire winner. Not all people react the same so you've got to play the odds, whether you're betting in The Ballagio or in the betmgm casino, you need music that keeps people engrossed but not distracted.


Research has shown that contrary to many peoples beliefs, it is not generally hard, fast, Rock, Techno or Dance music that keeps most gamblers occupied and attentive to their bets, it is in fact slower tracks that do so. The Journal Of Behavioural Addictions found that, "Low-tempo music was associated with increased gambling persistence in terms of overall number of bets placed" but also concluded that, "high-tempo music was associated with intensified gambling in terms of faster reaction time per placed bet."

The mix of music you may encounter in a casino, or on an on-line gambling platform, may vary markedly but you can guarantee that each piece of music that you are listening to will have been selected for a specific reason. You won't find a random playlist soundtracking your next round of Texas Hold'em, you'll find a track that keeps you playing and betting for as long as it can, however responsibly. It's more likely that you'll be listening to Greensleeves or Clair De Lune than The Ace Of Spades, and it'll more than likely pass you by without you realising, but it will, in all probability, make you play differently.

Author: Awais Dar 

Bio: Awais is passionate to write about health, tech , education , finance as well as for business fundamentals & a little bit in igaming industry. He has an experience of 10 years in creating awesome & useful contents to deliver ideas/knowledge to people.

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