It’s been quite a turnaround for The Interview in the last month. A little over four weeks ago, the Sony picture had been seemingly consigned to the dustbin following the studio’s cancellation of its release in the face of threats from cyberhackers.

But following its resounding success in its limited digital release, the rumoured Netflix deal has come to pass. Late on Tuesday, the online streaming service announced that the comedy would be available to its US and Canadian subscribers.

The Interview
'The Interview' is coming to Netflix at the weekend, with Sony Pictures securing a deal with the streaming service

The terms of the deal that Netflix has struck with Sony has not been disclosed, however, but it offers the studio hope that it can eventually break even on The Interview, something that was unthinkable a month ago. It has already netted $40 million in digital on-demand rentals, and a further $6 million through its limited theatrical release via a plucky bunch of independent cinemas.

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This combined figure is already greater than the $44 million budget that Sony laid out for The Interview, but according to CNNMoney that isn’t quite the whole story, as it has to split some of that $46 million with distributors. But with plans for a DVD and BluRay release in the US next month, and an international distribution plan, there’s real hope for the studio.

Roughly this time last month, The Interview was at the centre of a diplomatic incident, after cyber-criminals threatened violence against movie-goers if the scheduled December 25th release date went ahead. The film’s plot saw its stars Seth Rogen and James Franco pose as journalists who get sucked in to an assassination plot against the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, leading to accusations that the secretive state was behind the cyber attacks.

Sony initially backed down, but following domestic criticism including from President Obama, it changed course and made the film available on a limited basis after the Christmas period.

The Interview is due to come out in the UK and Ireland, on a similarly limited basis, on February 6th.

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