Olivier Rousteing says H&M ''understand'' him.

The designer - who is creative director at Balmain and has dressed stars including Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian West - has teamed up with the high street clothing store to create an affordable collection titled Balmain x H&M and is thrilled that the brand appreciates his relationship with social media.

He revealed: ''H&M really understand how important social media is to me. We created the new hashtag, #H&MBalmaination, to stand for this new H&M Balmain world.''

And to push the collection - which is modelled by stars including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid - the 29-year-old fashion icon has called on fans to take selfies with the hashtag.

In a video posted on Vogue's website, Olivier teaches Alexa Chung the steps that are necessary to create the perfect snap.

Olivier explains: ''Look at the camera. Take the picture. And after you use great filters. Actually it takes more time to put on the filter. I have so many, it depends on the light. And use a great app to photo shop it. Facetune. Everybody thinks I woke up like this. Really?''