Nicholas Winding Refn wants 'Only God Forgives' to ''f**k'' the viewer.

The director is set to unleash his latest collaboration with 'Drive' star Ryan Gosling - which elicited strong positive and negative reactions when it premiered at Cannes Film Festival last month - and says he wants the controversial movie to feel like a sexual act for cinemagoers.

He said: ''I'm not interested in flirting with you. I want to f**k you. I want to penetrate you.

''If you're willing to f**k it, it will f**k you back. It will penetrate you and you can penetrate it, which will make it much more pleasurable.''

The avant garde flick is based in Bangkok, Thailand, and centres on Gosling's drug smuggling character Julian, who is ordered by his mother - played by Kristin Scott Thomas - to exact vengeance on his brother's killers.

The film has come under fire for its graphic violence, but the Danish filmmaker insists ''art is violent'' and thinks any reaction - even a negative one - is a victory for him as a filmmaker.

He explained to Empire magazine: ''That's what it's all about, because I know then that whatever I have done, I have touched you very deep. I have penetrated you. The real prize in my world is always the audience. Do people like what you do? Do they react to it? Do they love it? Do they hate it?''

'Only God Forgives' is in cinemas in August.