The girlfriend of murdered teenager, Oscar Grant, Jr. has stated that she will not watch the movie inspired by his death, as it will conjure bad memories of his death at the hands of Californian police officers. Grant was killed on 1st January, 2009, when a police officer shot him on a train platform, leaving Sophina Mesa as a young, single mother. While she was happy to meet with Melonie Diaz - the actress portraying her - she has stated that she will now see 'Fruitvale Station' herself.

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Melonie Diaz explained Mesa's decision, saying that: "She hasn't seen it and she won't see it... People want to move forward." Diaz still ensured a thoughtful approach to the role, explaining that: "This is a movie about someone's life... They [Grant and Mesa] have a daughter and one day her daughter's gonna watch this movie and I don't want her daughter to watch this movie and go, 'That's my mum? I don't know who that woman is,' so there is a responsibility. I wanted to look like her and kinda get her feeling of the relationship."