The early success came as a surprise to the band. "To be honest," said Leo Wyndham, the lead singer and guitarist, "we started the band for fun; it was nothing more than that." He explained how all of the current members had been doing their own things for a while, but finally decided they wanted to start making music together. "It wasn't even necessarily to get gigs," he told us, "it was just to have a laugh and mess around with our mates". 

Leo, Rupert, Will and Matt from PalaceLeo, Rupert, Will and Matt from Palace

During our interview with Wyndham, he told us the story behind the band's massively successful debut headline show. "We were playing at St Pancras Church in London, which is an amazing beautiful venue, and we sold out one night so we put on a second and sold that out as well, which was crazy." Leo explained that the church setting turned out to be a great place to perform - while they had been worried by their "very reverby" music being turned into a wall of sound, he confirmed that it was the work of their sound technician, who was able to walk the delicate line and make their sound even better. "I think churches are our future," Leo conceded, "cathedrals and churches."

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It's that sort of approach with helps bring the Palace magic, according to Leo: "I think that's something that's good about it all; the fact that it's come from a place of honesty and not taking yourself too seriously." It's this way of thinking that helped them take on the label of 'sex music', after one of their fans commented that they made music to 'make babies to'. 

"We're wanting to do it just for the fun of it, rather than wanting to 'take the industry by storm'," Leo concluded. At the end of the day, the magic of Palace appear to come from "four friends who want to make good music and have a good time doing it."