‘Great British Bake Off’ judge Paul Hollywood says that his decision to follow the show to Channel 4 meant he got worse press than the Yorkshire Ripper.

Speaking to The Times, Hollywood opened up about his decision to jump ship from the BBC, saying that he knew he would be made out to be the villain in the situation.

Paul HollywoodPaul Hollywood has opened up about his decision to stay with 'Bake Off'

“Mary will never be a villain. I will always be a villain. I was sort of expecting it. But when it hit me, it was like an express train,” he explained.

“I haven’t murdered anyone. But I think the Yorkshire Ripper got less press than I did. It was out of control when it was on all the front pages.

“When I saw it on BBC Breakfast, I nearly spewed my cornflakes all over the TV. I was really shocked. I was sitting there with the family. I thought, ‘What?’”

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When it was announced the show was moving from the BBC to Channel 4, hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins were the first to announce they wouldn't be making the move.

According to Hollywood, this meant the show could never be the same again. “It was like my parents had split up,” he said.

“It broke me in half. I love my job. I was gutted. I was upset that the girls had split and weren’t going to be with us any more.”

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The presenter and former professional baker went on to explain that to him his loyalties are to Love Productions, who make the ‘Bake Off’ and gave him his job, not the BBC.

“They made me. ‘Bake Off’ made me. Why would I turn my back on them?” he said.

“I don’t work for the BBC. I work for a production company that works for the BBC,” Hollywood added. “Love Productions made Bake Off what it is today. They made that programme.”