Sir Paul McCartney didn't feel famous when he was in Wings.

The 'Band on the Run' singer formed the rock band after being in The Beatles, and liked the fact when he started out, he wasn't treated like a famous person anymore.

He told Classic Rock magazine: ''Wings was difficult but rewarding. I sometimes wonder if it was crazy after The Beatles to do the entire thing again.

''We struggled for years with Wings, getting s***ged off by the reviewers because we decided to try and do it from the ground up instead of coming in at some high level with superstars, so we had to try and learn our craft all over again.''

Paul added he learned many things about being in a band from his time in Wings, which featured himself, his wife Linda and Denny Laine alongside a rotating cast of other musicians.

He added: ''What I hoped would happen did, that we'd get to know each other, we'd get to know the feel of each other, not just me getting lumped in with five other famous people. So we learned this is a special thing, being in a band, which is really about understanding each other. So the memory of the 70s is that yes, it was difficult, but the fact it worked was rewarding.''