Warner Bros have brought back Phil Lord and Chris Miller to write the follow-up to 'The LEGO Movie'.

The pair wrote and directed the first film - which starred comedian Will Ferrell, in addition to Hollywood superstars Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and Chris Pratt - and they've been recalled for the sequel.

However, there's no word yet as to whether they will resume directing duties, Deadline reports.

Lord and Miller directed comedy '21 Jump Street' and '22 Jump Street', while they also wrote and helmed the 2009 animated hit 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'.

'The LEGO Movie' was released earlier this year, and was a huge critical and commercial success, receiving widespread praise for its visual style and endearing message.

The success of the first flick has led to a spin-off film, featuring Batman from 'The LEGO Movie', as well as the eagerly-awaited sequel.

'The LEGO Movie' debuted at number one in the US box office, where it remained for three weeks, and Warner Bros will hope to repeat that success when the sequel is released in 2018.

Meanwhile, the much-anticipated spin-off film is set to premiere in 2017.