Pop Smoke's star-studded posthumous debut album, 'Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon', has been released.

After some controversy surrounding the original artwork for the record, which the late rapper's manager, Steven Victor, the boss of record label Victor Victor, rectified and changed on the request of his estate, the collection has finally arrived.

The first cover was designed by Off-White's Virgil Abloh and had a diamond-like backdrop with barbed wire around Pop, which didn't go down well with fans.

In a statement, Steven said: ''Pop's music belongs to everyone.

''This album is a celebration of where Pop was headed and where he wanted to be. The process of working on this album with all our friends, peers and heroes has been amazing and we thank everyone for their support.

''Pop's music and legacy belongs to the world now and we want you to continue to manifest your love in creative ways that we haven't even thought of yet. POPSMOKEFOREVER.COM. Let's celebrate tonight and forever. More to come.''

The record features appearances from its executive producer, 50 Cent, as well as rappers Tyga, Quavo, Swae Lee, DaBaby, Roddy Rich, Young Thug, and many more.

Pop had started the album before he was shot dead during a home invasion in February, aged just 20.

It was originally set for release in June, but it was pushed back after the mass Black Lives Matter protests following the death of unarmed African American man George Floyd in police custody.

Pop had also been planning a documentary before his death, which would show how him and his fellow drill stars were wrongly targeted by police.

He had said: ''I'm gonna put out a movie or a documentary.

''I'm gonna make that sh*t about me.

''Walk 'em through where I used to live, where I used to be at, and why they look at me the way they look.

''I'm gonna show you why they don't like that - what they don't like.

''Let's see if you have the same feedback that they have.

''Let's see if you would want me to be banned and want me to not perform. ''I doubt you will.

''All this good music being recorded, and you want to put it on hold? You don't want people to hear it?''

And Steven has vowed to finished the project.

Just days before his death, the rising Brooklyn Drill star had released the mixtape 'Meet the Woo 2'.