Rag 'n' Bone Man was shocked when Elton John told him he liked his music.

The 'Human' singer was amazed when he received a call from the 'I'm Still Standing' hitmaker - who he dubbed ''one of the best songwriters of all time'' - to praise his songs.

He said: ''He called me up on the phone, he's Elton John, he can get anyone's number.

''He wanted to call me to tell me how much he liked my music, which I thought was really nice coming from one of the best songwriters of all time, he didn't have to do that, it made my day.''

And the 32-year-old singer/songwriter was also thrilled he got a chance to meet Courteney Cox when he worked alongside her partner Johnny McDaid.

He added: ''I turned up for this session in LA, I knocked on the door and Courteney Cox answered the door, in real life. It was her house, her boyfriend was the guy that I was writing with.

''I did that sort of hello, the really English sort of Hugh Grant hello. It was like I was speaking to someone else's mum, when you went round to your mates house when you were a kid, and were like, 'Hello Mrs. Smith, how are you doing? Yes, I'd love a cup of tea.'''

The 'Lay My Body Down' hitmaker - real name Rory Graham - also got a chance to see Aretha Franklin live in New York with his girlfriend and confessed the performance made them both teary-eyed.

Speaking on Beats 1 radio, he shared: ''I went to see Aretha Franklin in New York, and me and my girlfriend sat next to each other, and I looked at her and she was crying, and I was crying too. I was like, I don't feel less masculine for crying at Aretha Franklin.''