RAYE "cried all day" after achieving her first number one single.

The 25-year-old singer - who quit her record label Polydor in 2021 in order to release music independently - reached the top of the charts with 'Escapism' featuring 070 Shake and admitted she was overcome with emotion.

She told MailOnline: "I think, in a way I kind of feel like a new artist. You know, with three songs out in the world about to release her debut album. I think it's a different thing being in in control of your career and being free to express yourself.

"And then release music tied at your own time rather than what other people think is best and what they want you to do. So that, it's just such a reward.

"This is different. Feelings of doing it on your own, If that makes sense. I don't really know what to say, for someone who puts words together for a living."

RAYE previously accused her record label of stopping her from releasing an album and now her debut record 'My 21st Century Blues' is set for release in February.

And, she admitted she was once ready to give up music entirely due to the drama.

She said: "I was ready to just give up and not be an artist any more. I felt better but I also felt terrified. I’d put my neck on the line.

"What actually should matter is having artists who build fanbases and sell out shows and stream music, regardless of what genre it is.

"Having a Top 10 is not defining. What it showed me was that we were aiming for two completely different things and we always have been. What makes them proud isn’t what makes me proud.

"The fact that they did let me go, I’m so grateful because it could have gone all matters of dark. The s*** I have been through, I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies."