Sergei Filin, the director of the world famous Bolshoi Ballet theatre in Moscow, suffered an horrific attack in January when acid was thrown in his face. He was almost blinded but the swift actions of the hospital and lengthy surgeries seem to have saved his vision. Now, as the investigation escalates, a man has been detained and is being questioned, according to Russia's Life News website. 

Filin was attacked when he returned home one night. His name was called and as he turned around he had acid thrown in his face. Doctors have said that it will take 6 months for him to recover from the third degree burns to his face and eyes.

According to investigators, the unnamed 32 year-old man who has been arrested took part in the attack but it was his partner who actually flung the acid in Mr Filin's face. It seems that the police found the man having tracked calls made by mobile phones around the area of Mr Filin's apartment on the night of January 17th when he was attacked. He was arrested in the Moscow suburb of Stupino.

Although reports state the detainee has no direct relevance to the theatre, Paul Dmitrichenko, an employee of the Bolshoi has had a property that he is related to searched by police. It is unclear, however, whether Mr Dmitrichenko has been living at the property. A woman who also lives in the apartment block said that the police arrived and were looking for something that they evidently didn't find. They then left and headed to the Bolshoi. His apartment was described as 'ransacked'.

It remains unclear who ordered the attack, the investigation continues.