S Club 7 got back together over a takeaway.

All seven members of the band - Jo O'Meara, Bradley Mcintosh, Rachel Stevens, Jon Lee, Paul Cattermole, Tina Barrett and Hannah Spearitt - performed together on charity telethon 'Children in Need' on Friday (14.11.14), and have now revealed a Chinese meal brought the band back together again.

Tina, 38, said: ''I've been on Twitter for quite a long time actually so I was seeing every other tweet saying 'when are you guys getting back together?' so I sent all these guys a message, texted them, and they all came round to my place and had a Chinese. The important thing first - food! Then we started chatting and two years later [we're back].''

Since performing a medley of their hits including 'S Club Party' and 'Don't Stop Movin' on the fundraiser last week, the pop sensations have announced a 'Bring It All Back' tour of UK arenas for May 2015, adding a second date at London's O2 Arena after the first show sold out in a matter of hours.

The 'Reach' singers declined offers to appear on the television show 'The Big Reunion' which showed bands from the 1990s and early 2000s such as Atomic Kitten, Blue and Five, reform because they didn't want to have to ''spill the beans'' about their personal lives.

Talking on 'Loose Women', Bradley, 33, shared: ''I think because everyone was busy, everyone was working, Jon was doing theatre, Hannah was doing TV and everyone was doing something.

''It was more to do with getting everyone together, it wasn't necessarily that [the show], but I think we all agreed that we'd rather just do a reunion and not have to spill the beans about our personal lives and just do this for fun.''