Wrestler Scott Steiner has denied threatening to ''kill'' Hulk Hogan and frightening his wife.

The 52-year-old grappler has been accused by Hogan's wife Jennifer of accosting her after she and him landed at a San Jose airport on March 26 ahead of 'WWE WrestleMania', which took place in Santa Clara on March 29, and telling her he was coming for her husband when he touched down in the city.

Jennifer was so shaken up by the alleged incident at baggage claim she immediately called her spouse and once he touched down the couple filed a police report on March 27.

Steiner has now flatly refuted the accusation, telling TMZ: ''I'm not going to dignify (Hogan's) lies ... I didn't put my hands on her ... If she felt her life was threatened, why didn't she talk to the cops?''

However, he does admit speaking to Jennifer at the airport but says he only complained to her about WWE's decision to choose Hogan to induct late wrestler 'Macho Man' Randy Savage - whom he shared a long relationship with - into the Hall of Fame on March 28.

Steiner explained: ''I told her Hulk introducing 'Macho Man' into the Hall of Fame is bullsh*t ... He hated him. Everyone knew that.''

Steiner also revealed he is yet to be contacted by the police over the allegation but isn't worried about speaking to them and couldn't care less about Hogan - whom he worked with in wrestling promotions WCW and TNA.

He added: ''It's not my fault Hulk Hogan is afraid of me.''

Following the alleged incident, Hogan informed WWE officials what had happened and the company banned Steiner from the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony held at the SAP Center at San Jose and from 'WrestleMania 31' - which took place at Levi's Stadium and featured Hogan.

Steiner is believed to be being investigated by police for ''felony terrorist threats'' and officers secured a surveillance video documenting the exchange between him and Jennifer.