They're a unique blend of riot grrrl-era punk, 80s pop and angsty pop-punk and they recently dropped their awesome new disco-punk single 'Shakes (Falling In Love)'. Now Swedish pop outfit The Magnettes unveil the seven artists that most inspired their sound and aesthetic - and it's an interesting mix...

The MagnettesThe Magnettes

Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill)

Queen of the riot grrrl scene in the 90s. She was part of a movement of raw and unapologetic feminism that taught us so much about claiming your space and not letting anyone f**k with it. Like how she entered a very male dominated punk-rock scene and sang about a revolution where girls had the right to be hostile, emotional and claim their space. She is no. 1. 

Talking Heads

Maaaaan these people influenced our sound, our looks and our way of performing sooo much! It's like everything they do is kinda weird but it's not weird to be SHOCKING or DISTURBING (even though we love that kinda sh*t too) but David Byrne is like your neighbour who is shy but friendly and maybe jogs in a funny way. It's just really gentle and geeky but sooo f**king COOL. 

Lady Gaga

When she blew up she really changed our perception of what a modern POPSTAR was supposed to be like. She was a real musician, performer, songwriter but also an outspoken feminist and activist. It's just so ICONIC to think about how at first she kinda tricked everyone to think that she's just a blonde popstar making dance music and sh*t and then she did Paparazzi at the MTV music awards where she was hanging from the ceiling covered in blood and everyone was like OH, ok.

Avril Lavigne

B***h, if we didn't include her on this list we would be f**king phonies. She really pushed Rebecka into skateboarding and hanging with boys even though she was TERRIFIED of both. We were like 8 or 9 when she became famous and she was so different and felt genuine and really inspired you to start writing songs about being sad or angry and f**king rocking out with your sk8er bois. 


We have to mention the Swedish punkband that got us into punk music. They really hit us at that gross age of 12 and we honestly don't know who we would be without them. We started a punk band called "Ulla Stava" with just drums and guitar and played really fast songs that were kinda serious but also not really. Please check out their song "Varför Lever Du?" it's very fast and very good. 

Lana Del Rey

She is the baddest. It's funny when she got big how people were talking about how "fake" she was and that her whole story was just an act when we feel she has always been very raw and real throughout her career because she's always doing whatever the f**k she wants with her sound. That is really inspiring. Her lyrics are just f**king phenomenal and her song "Ride" got Sanna to break up with her boyfriend at the time and "Off To The Races" is the most perfect song and it never gets old. 

Whitney Houston

We will fight anyone who says that she is not the best there EVER WAS! Like she is just PURE f**king TALENT, iconic and one of a kind. There is something so epic about her and her 80s era. The vocals were HUGE, the feelings where ENORMOUS and her star power was OUT OF THIS WORLD. We are really inspired by that sort of epic 80s vibe and Whitney was such a big part of that.