Last night's Red Nose Day raised a record amount of over £75 million with the help of hundreds of thousands of us across the country. To quote a well known grocery store, 'every little helps' was proven by Slough's MP Fiona McTaggart after she pledged £1 per re-tweet of that message within a 35 minute time frame. While neither 35 minutes nor £1 sound like much, it all adds up and in by 9pm when the time was up she had been re-tweeted 14, 268 times.

For some reason she ended up facing a lot of criticism from other Twitter users, including accusations that she'll end up claiming it back from the government, to which she responded that of course she wont. Once the original 9pm deadline had been reached she received more tweets lamenting that they had missed the time frame, but McTaggart simply encouraged that they give themselves. All for a good cause!

And was it worth it? Yes.