A stranger brought drugs to Pete Davidson's house after he revealed he is trying to stay clean.

The 26-year-old actor and comedian is currently quarantining at his mother's house amid the Covid-19 pandemic and after he revealed in a new promotional video for his movie 'The King of Staten Island' that he is not doing drugs at the moment, a woman turned up at his door with a bag of marijuana.

Speaking on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon', Pete explained: ''Me and Judd [Apatow] released this video to kind of try and get it out there that the movie's coming out. So [in the video] I mentioned that I wasn't doing drugs, that I was trying not to.

''And then, literally three hours later, a lady rang my doorbell with a full bag of weed and gave it to my mom and said, 'I heard your son needs this,'. So if you see this, please do not do that. Because I will sell it.''

And Apatow joked: ''Yeah, he's a drug dealer now.''

Meanwhile, back in February, Pete confirmed he had been seeking treatment at a rehabilitation facility in Arizona and said his ''issues'' were one of the reasons his relationship with Kaia Gerber didn't work out.

He explained: ''We were dating for a few months. She's very young, and I'm f***ing going through a lot and it was before I went to rehab.

''It's just like, she should be having fun. She shouldn't have to worry about some dude that just has issues and s**t. She should be enjoying her work. It just wasn't the right place or the right time at all.''