Ever heard there’s a song for everything? Songs are our ways of communicating what we feel – what we cannot express by mere words. That’s why even the quietest people can still make their wishes known by blasting out a tune. There’s a song for everything – love, loss, reckless abandon, career choices, etc. 

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Songs have their places in casinos too. Most land-based and online casinos blast out music to make their environments more relaxing. If you look at most online casino reviews, you will see that gamblers enjoy the engaging music in the sites that makes their experiences quite like what they would find in physical casinos. So, which are these timeless songs that make gambling more exciting? Let’s find out:

Poker Face by Lady Gaga

Can't read my, can't read my, / No, he can't read my poker face 

Do these lyrics ring a bell? Lady Gaga sure put a twist on the term poker face. And anyone who’s been to a poker game knows just how important it is to control your facial expressions and body movements. One wrong move gives your competition the edge, and you end up losing. So, if you want help keeping that poker face on, take a bit of advice from Lady Gaga. It also works for dating!

Last Dollar by Tim McGraw

I don't have to worry about things that I don't have / 'Cause if I ain't got nothing / I got nothing to hold me back

You’ve probably heard stories of people who gambled away everything. But how many of them viewed their loss as a chance to celebrate? This song follows a man who gambled away everything and yet still saw the light at the end of the tunnel. To him, it was like a bird breaking free and spreading its wings, ready to soar to greater heights. And if you think about it, the catchy song does have a point – when you have nothing to lose, gambling is much more fun. But don’t use this as a reason not to keep an eye on your bankroll. Not everyone gets lucky enough to get back on their feet. However, this should do if you want a song to help you make light of your losses.

The Lottery by Harry Nilsson

If life is just gamble, / Gamble if you want to win / (more "ooh loo's")--life can be so easy / Let the wheel of fortune spin

We gamble every day without even knowing it. Before you shake your head or scoff at the idea, consider these examples: When we leave our homes to venture into new countries, not knowing what to expect in them; when we trust a friend with a secret; when we fall in love with a stranger, hoping that we are making the right choice.

Can you think of any examples you can add to these? Life is a gamble – we put our hopes in ourselves and others. And each time, we hope to win. Like the song goes, Let the Wheel of Fortune Spin!

Walking Away a Winner by Kathy Mathea

I’m walking away a winner / I’m walking away from a losing game / With my pride intact and my vision back

People go to great lengths to win games. If you are superstitious, you would not be caught dead walking under a ladder or stepping on cracks on your way to a game. Everybody wants to walk away the winner. So, when things don’t work our way and we end up losing, walking away is not easy. People do what they can to get back on top. They borrow money, keep playing even when they should not, throw reason out the window, and fixate on the top prize.

But in most cases, this only makes things worse, forcing people to dig themselves deeper into a hole. But what if we could take the advice in this song? You can still walk away a winner in a losing game – not because you won but because you knew to walk away when the odds were stacked against you. That’s wisdom that can save you from a terrible loss.

Love is a Losing Game by Amy Winehouse

One I wish I never played / Oh, what a mess we made / And now, the final frame / Love is a losing game

What’s the biggest gamble people make in life? The answer might surprise you. It’s not the lottery or a chance to walk away with 21 in Blackjack. It’s love! People do almost anything for love. They move to new countries, quit their jobs, stab their loved ones in the back, give the world the cold shoulder, put their lives on the line – just for love. And when things go wry and the odds change, they realize just how much they invested in this gamble. Amy Winehouse was a powerhouse, and this song delves into the deep emotions that revolve around falling in love and getting played.

Still the Same by Bob Seger

You always said the cards would never do you wrong / The trick you said was never play the game too long

Good gamblers are extra cautious. They never assume they have a sure win and are always quick to walk away when they have played a game enough - regardless of whether they have won or lost. This song follows a confident gambler who knows his way around cards, winning consecutively. However, the song has a deeper meaning, shedding light on the emptiness of the gambler’s life – seeing as he chooses to trust in cards more than people. So, he never stays in one place too long and thus has no true and deep connections. And the hollowness is apparent as the song ensues. That aside, we can borrow a trick from this gambler – quit while you can, even when you are ahead.

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

Every gambler knows / That the secret to survivin' / Is knowin' what to throw away / And knowin' what to keep

This song details an encounter between an avid gambler and his curious protégé. Interestingly, the piece covers what every gambler must know about bankroll management. Many times, people go overboard when gambling, hoping to recoup what they have placed on the table. But as this song goes, you must know when to walk away. Gambling is not always about winning. Sometimes, it’s about reading the signs and acting accordingly. Thus, if you ever find yourself chasing losses, think about this song, will you?

Who knew that songs could convey so much meaning? Listening to any of these classics will help you dig deeper into your relationship with gambling and how you can better it. Have fun!