Everyone connects with music in their own way, and it can mean something entirely different to two different people. However, regardless of what form your personal connection to music takes, you likely use your phone to listen to it, having been the device that replaced more dedicated means, such as MP3 players and iPods. 

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That being said, you might only be used to enjoying music in one particular way, and that could be the way which has you simply listening to your favorite tracks through the use of whichever music app you prefer. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it can be a great way to pass the time, but there might be additions and alternatives, all available through the same device that appeal to you even more.

In Collaboration with Other Activities

Maybe just listening to music doesn’t quite fill the void like it used to, or maybe you have some chores that need doing but are struggling to find the motivation. Fortunately, these two problems can be smashed together in order to cancel each other out. Listening to music while completing these activities can go a long way to making the chores somewhat enjoyable and can allow you to appreciate the music in a more passive, background way. 

This doesn’t have to be restricted to chores either, and you might be surprised how much music can enhance activities that you already find enjoyable. Obviously, this might not work with something such as a movie, but games that lack a story-focus, such as rogue-likes, might fit the bill. Alternatively, the answer might be found on the same device still, with smartphone games and mobile slots

Music Videos

Thanks to the booming popularity of video platforms, such as YouTube, apps that carry that function over to smartphones are available for the general public to make the most of. This might be something that you enjoy spending your time on normally, but it might be especially relevant if you’re looking to watch some of the music videos behind classic songs. This could be an eye-opening experience for you that could help you to appreciate some angle of a favorite song that you hadn’t considered, or it might just be a way for you to watch iconic music videos that you’ve never taken the time to watch. 

At a Party

When you think of listening to music on your phone, it might be that you only really consider doing so with headphones. Of course, blaring out music on the bus is something that nobody appreciates, but it might be more suitable in a more social setting. If you’re having a gathering with your friends or family members and you feel as though the setting needs some music, all you really need is a speaker in order to translate it from your phone to the room at large.

You can take suggestions, make playlists, and generally make the night what you want it to be, mostly using tools that you already have at your disposal.