There’s nothing that beats a good road trip. It’s the best way to travel if you want to have complete freedom to come, go and stay as you please, and it provides the perfect bonding time to spending with relatives or friends. Although for many it can sound a little claustrophobic being cramped in the same car for hours on end, the fact of the matter is that this is at most a minor inconvenience. The charm of a road trip is bound to sweep even its biggest detractors off their feet and convert them to the status of aficionados. 

One of the most important parts of a successful trip, however, is the music. As with any social gathering, the background soundtrack will influence the atmosphere and the mood of everyone around. And a road trip is nothing else but an extensive party. For this reason, it’s important to assemble a playlist that’s bound to keep everyone excited and engaged. This means that you should be sure to include a bit of every genre so that nobody in the car feels left out.

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Old school metal 

There’s nothing like a good metal song to lift the spirits and get everyone energized. The most important aspect is that their rhythm and riffs are likely to keep you more attentive on the road as well, whereas if you were to play ballads, it’s likely your mood would shift towards pensive and contemplative, which might be a hazard when you’re behind the wheel. That’s not the case when you’re playing metal classics, whose sound is bound to be enjoyed even by fans of softer music genres. It’s all part of the timeless quality of the songs. 

Some of the songs you should add to the playlist are AC/DC's “Rock N Roll Train”, Judas Priest’s “Hell bent for Leather”, Metallica’s “Fuel” and Megadeth’s “Sweating bullets”. Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” is also an easy choice, given the name as well as Dio’s “Stand Up and Shout”. And if you’re aiming for a darker vibe, you can’t miss out on Black Sabbath. “N.I.B” and “War Pigs” are two tracks you obviously can’t miss out on and, if you’re looking for something released more recently, then look no further than Ozzy Osbourne’s “Degradation Rules” and “Patient Number 9”. 


Usually identified with the non-mainstream, many alternative bands have made rock history and are listened by a large audience. If any of your friends is a fan, there’s no shortage of alternatives to have your pick and choose from. Radiohead are a cult name in the industry, so any of their songs is bound to be a hit. “Bloom”, “Subterranean homesick alien”, or “The Bends” all make for good driving tunes whether you’re driving in the morning, or later in the evening. 

If you want to go for a heavier sound, you can play Nirvana. Their alternative was mixed with grunge and punk elements. They are often referenced as the figurehead band of Gen X, and have established their name in rock culture forever. Anything from one of their three studio albums is good to go, and if you’re worried that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is too mainstream (although you shouldn’t be), “Lithium”, “On a Plain” or “Pennyroyal Tea” are all sound choices. 

Some of the other bands you can include in your playlist are Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth, Foo Fighters, The Cure, Arctic Monkeys, Primal Scream and Rage Against the Machine. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits everyone’s taste. And who knows, you might turn some of those who hadn’t listened to alternative rock before into brand new fans. 


When you’re looking for genuine bangers that’ll feel at home in any road trip playlist, you can’t leave rap out of the picture. Chamillionaire and Krayzie Bone’s “Ridin’” is so well-known it is both a cult classic and a meme, and while it is incredibly catchy and perfect for and car ride, the underlying message relating to police profiling and the way in which a simple act such as driving can become the reason of an altercation with the police depending on the race and ethnicity of the driver. Kendrick Lamar’s “Don’t Kill my Vibe” is the perfect song to have on if you happen to get angry behind the wheel (maybe after you get cut off on the highway by a reckless driver?), to help you channel your road rage in a session of singing instead of responding in kind. 

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Korean music has become a worldwide phenomenon with fans of all ages and genders. Given its extensive appeal, at least one or two of your buddies are sure to be fans. Some good vibe songs that can brighten any playlist are IU’s “Blueming” and “BBIBBI”, Zico’s “Freak” and “Love & Hate”. And of course, no playlist containing k-pop would be complete without one or two BTS tunes. “Ma City”, “Telepathy”, “Dis-ease” and “Stay” are some of the best options you can choose to incorporate in the tracklist, as they’re guaranteed to keep you pumped up and energetic all the way to your destination.

When you love music you know that it’s indispensable to live. It enhances every moment, making the happy moments happier and soothing any kind of sadness. During a trip, it’ll complement your travels and add to your perception of the places you visit. It’s not an exaggeration, listening to the music you enjoy will provide you with a better perspective on things. The right melody can even help you remember more of your travels. You can grow to associate a certain tune with a particular place you visited, and every time you re-play, it’s like you’re reliving those times all over again. Music is solace, entertainment and a crafty time-travel machine all rolled into one, so the next time you’re hitting the road, make sure you’re not neglecting its significance.