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A lot of students say that listening to relaxing music helps them study. Probably, it makes the learning process more productive because music activates both the left and right brain hemispheres at the same time so it maximizes learning and improves memory. Moreover, listening to soothing music is a proven way to relieve stress. Research shows that it can decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and even anxiety levels.

Students often turn to music to process emotions, increase focus on studies, and put them in the learning mood. As you may see, music can have powerful effects on the human body and enhance the efficiency of a study session. Therefore, students keep creating tracklists for studying on Spotify, some of which are described below. 

1. Brain Food 


This Spotify playlist contains hundreds of lyric-free songs that are described as “hypnotic electric”. These tracks can stimulate your brain activity and prevent you from getting bored, so they are perfect for when you need to sit down and study for a while. As they don’t include any lyrics, you won’t get distracted.


2. Chill Tracks 

This is a calming electronic playlist to study with. Chill Tracks can help you get relaxed and focused at the same time. However, some of its songs do have lyrics, so it might not be perfect if you are going to read some complicated information. 

3. Trabajo Relax 

You can enjoy your study for three hours while listening to this playlist. Students say that Trabajo Relax helps them with concentration and relaxation.

4. Totally Stress Free

This five-hour playlist can be used for a long study session as it will keep you calm while learning. Totally Stress Free includes some of the lightest and most upbeat tracks to diminish your study stress. These mellow tunes can be the perfect background that won’t preoccupy your mind with too many lyrics. 

5. House Focus 

This playlist features the most up to date songs in the genre labeled as “Instrumental House”. You can listen to catchy beats with lo lyrics for over six hours while completing your assignments. 

Although music can be a helpful tool to relax, sometimes students are so stressed out with studying that it stops being much effective. If you do not have enough energy for education and even your favorite music cannot stimulate you to write an essay, probably it's time to ask for outside help. You can contact the writers from edubirdie and they will be happy to help you with writing your essay. Such professional services provide high-quality assistance for those students who have difficulty dealing with assignments, so you can rely on them when you fall behind with the studies. 


Different types of music


  • Classical music

Have you ever heard of the Mozart Effect? According to some studies, listening to Mozart can enhance the ability to think through long-term and to find more abstract solutions to logical problems. Try listening to Baroque classical music and composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, and Handel because their music helps to reduce stress and increase the sense of relaxation. For sure, it can be a great option when you need to get work done. 

  • Sounds of nature

Calming nature sounds such as waterfalls, rain, and the seashore can keep your brain engaged in studying by increasing concentration. Music with nature sounds can mask someone’s voices or white noise around you which can be distracting as well as enhance cognitive functioning.

  • Songs without lyrics

When you’re reading your textbooks or writing essays the last thing you need is more words in your head. So listening to songs without lyrics can be a perfect choice to stay focused on reading or writing. 

Listening to music has so many benefits for your progress in learning that you should create your playlist for studying as soon as possible. You can make your playlist around 40-50 minutes long, so it will remind you to take a break when it’s over. Try to listen to music at a moderate level and don’t make it too loud. Make the most out of your study with the help of relaxing music!

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