Thomas Markle has insisted it is "simply not true" that his phone was "compromised" before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding.

The retired lighting director was shocked when his daughter, who was known as Meghan Markle before her marriage, claimed in the third episode of her docuseries 'Harry and Meghan' that she didn't think the tests she'd received from her dad telling her he wouldn't be able to make her big day after having a heart attack had been written by him.

Thomas told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: "I wrote every word that I sent from that phone which is still in my possession.

"For her to claim my phone was compromised is simply not true.

"I wrote that text as I lay in a hospital bed after having had two heart attacks and having stents put in."

One reason why the former 'Suits' actress questioned the authenticity of the messages were Thomas' use of her full name, rather than her family's more commonly used 'Meg', but her father insisted he reverted to Meghan because it was such a "serious" issue.

He explained: "I have used Meghan's full name before, when things are serious.

"It's not true to say I have never used her full name. I use it when I am serious, when there are serious issues involved.

"I wasn't angry. I was in hospital. They never once asked how I was doing. When I got their messages I was upset. I thought I didn't deserve those messages."

He also shared texts that showed he told Meghan doctors had advised him not to fly to the UK but he offered to defy their advice so he could walk her down the aisle.

He wrote on 16 May 2018, three days before the wedding: "Surgery went okay heart attack did some damage they went inside and fix it and some stamps the doctor will not allow me to fly so of course I'm sorry but I can't come love you and wish you the best of everything.(sic)"

He then added several hours later: "Who will be giving you away? If you really need me? I will come I'm sorry about all this."

And Thomas - who has publicly apologised several times for staging paparazzi photos before the wedding - hit out at the couple for airing their grievances in public.

He said: "I made a terrible mistake for which I have apologised many times. I never got any help. I believed the photographer, who told me those pictures would take some of the pressure off me.

"Harry and Meghan are now doing everything they told me not to do. They told me never to talk. I believe what they are doing now is far worse than anything I ever did."

At the end of the episode, Prince Harry declared his wife "doesn't have a father" now, but Thomas insisted he will always be there for Meghan and is desperate to meet his grandchildren, Archie, three, and Lili, 18 months.

He said: "She does still have a father. I'm here, I still live in the same house and I still have the same number. I'm still her dad. I would love to see my grandchildren. They have two grandfathers who would love to see them...

"I believe this is a family matter which should be handled by the family. I love my daughter and always will."