Todrick Hall has praised Taylor Swift for speaking out against systemic racism and injustice.

The 35-year-old star is pleased the 'Look What You Made Me Do' hitmaker is using her platform to raise awareness of certain issues because she's in a position to change the minds of people ''who feel very differently''.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', he said: ''I'm glad that she has gotten to a point now where she is sharing that with the world.

''I think that a lot of people who would initially gravitate towards her might be people who have very different political views.

''And very different views on the world in like, what should happen with the Black Lives Matter movement. Or what should happen with gay rights...

''It's really, really awesome to see her using her voice, because the sad truth is, her being a white person with blonde hair and blue eyes saying this in this world right now holds a lot of weight to a lot of people who feel very differently than she might.''

Earlier this month Taylor, 30, took to Twitter to condemn ''racial injustice'' in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

She also encouraged US citizens who are old enough to vote to make their voices heard for the country's upcoming presidential election, so they can elect people who will fight to end systemic racism.

In a series of tweets, she wrote: ''Racial injustice has been ingrained deeply into local and state governments, and changes MUST be made there. In order for policies to change, we need to elect people who will fight against police brutality and racism of any kind. #BlackLivesMatter

''We need to fight for mail-in voting for the 2020 election. No one should have to choose between their health and having their voice heard. http://VOTE.ORG (sic)''