Tom Meighan, lead singer of rock band Kasabian, has offered his two cents regarding the fuss that's been surrounding Metallica headlining at Glastonbury Festival. There has been a heated debate over whether the heavy metal band are the right choice to headline the festival.

Kasabian Metallica GlastonburyKasabian's Tom Meighan has been discussing the decision for heavy metal band Metallica to headline Glastonbury

Meighan is fully for Metallica headlining the festival and he explained why: “They’re going to be different but who do you f***ing want on stage, The Beach Boys?” He added: “I love Metallica. Everyone’s complaining but [Metallica] can take it anywhere…They’ve been around the block. People will be surprised…They’re a heavy metal band so everyone’s going to panic, but Metallica are great. They’ll be good. They’ll be fantastic, trust me.”

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Kasabian will also be performing at Glastonbury, which is set to take place in two weeks time. The band first performed there a decade ago when they opened the Other Stage: “We were 23 then, we stayed up all night, went on stage with no sleep which is incredible,” Meighan recalled.  10 years later are the band still staying up all night before major gigs or have they prepared a little more vigilantly for their upcoming Glastonbury gig? “We’ve already gone over all the old material, touch it up and repainted it. Everything is sounding great. We’ve gotta keep the old songs so we enjoy playing them…They can get a bit old hat.”

Kasabian Metallica GlastonburyNot everyone has been happy to hear that Metallica are headling Glastonbury Festival

Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno has also been discussing their upcoming appearance at the festival: “When we step out on that stage, with all we know and everything we’ve learned, we have an advantage. If you’re not expecting much, wait until you see what’s about to happen to you."  That's fighting talk, right there.

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