What Music Does Patrick Mahomes Listen To?

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off an epic Super Bowl win. The team was led by Patrick Mahomes who is considered one of the most elite players in the league with a 105 quarterback rating. Mahomes is an immense athlete who has a cannon for an arm, laser accuracy, and can also take off down the field running when he has to.

Mahomes is obsessed with music! He takes his playlist very seriously and uses music to get himself into the zone for practice and especially on game day. Keep reading to learn about the tunes that this talented quarterback blasts. You can bet on all of Mahomes’ NFL matches at GGBET.

1. No Bystanders By Travis Scott

Patrick Mahomes’ playlist is filled with rap hits. His most played song is No Bystanders by Travis Scott which is a high-octane hype song. The song features a melodic hook which we can just envision Mahomes using to get into a trance before a big NFL matchup.

No Bystanders also contains a sample from Tear Da Club, a super aggressive song from Three 6 Mafia. Travis Scott was even sued because his song was too similar to the 1997 hit. Juice WRLD also makes an appearance on No Bystanders and adds his trademark flow to the song.

The song features a range of themes, including revenge, motivation, and the tribulations of being on the road. It is easy to see why the Chiefs’ quarterback identifies with this rap hit.

If you are a young up-and-coming quarterback, you might need to blast this song on repeat until you develop the same arm strength as Mahomes. If rap isn’t your thing, don’t worry Mahomes’ playlist also includes some pop songs and even some electro-dance music, we didn’t see that coming!

2. The Climb Back By J. Cole

This is not your standard hype rap song bragging about women, money, and destroying your enemies. The Climb Back by J. Cole is a philosophical look at the struggles of inner-city life and the black experience in America while critiquing the current political climate.

Patrick Mahomes is mixed race with an African American father and white mother giving him a unique perspective on the racial issues in the US. When he has quiet time away from football, he may use this song to think about things greater than football.

The song is a master class in rap. Mahomes, who is a big fan of the genre no doubt recognizes and appreciates J. Cole’s lyrical mastery and ability to ride a beat with ease while spitting out deep takes!

3. Life Is Good By Future Featuring Drake

You can’t just listen to serious J. Cole songs! This song is all about grinding and grinding and then celebrating your success and flexing on the haters.

Drake and Future are the perfect combo and this song will definitely have you feeling yourself. We can definitely see Mahomes dancing and nodding his head along to this song. As a watch and jewelry enthusiast Mahomes would have appreciated the lines about the lines where Future brags about his own collection. And the film clip is one of the best we have come across, especially the scene of Future manning the drive-through of a fast-food restaurant!

4. My Moment By DJ Drama, Featuring 2 Chainz, Meek Mill & Jeremih

This song was released in 2012, but it still goes hard! It is hard not to be motivated when listening to this sports-themed rap song. 2 Chainz and Meek Mill both drop lots of hype lines about balling out like their favorite athletes. Meek Mill’s verse is particularly good, he does a good job of transferring his energy. No matter who you are, after listening to Meek Mill spit, you feel like the biggest gangster on the planet!

Mahomes probably first listened to this song as a teen dreaming about rappers mentioning his name in their songs. This song is great for pushing through tough workouts and proving to yourself that you can do anything!

5. Every Season By Roddy Ricch

With almost 200 million views on YouTube alone, this is a certified hood classic! This song put Roddy Ricch on the map when it came out in 2018. All you need to do is listen to the first line from this song to understand why Mahomes connects with it, “I just been ballin out every season”, you know that is how Mahomes views his football career.

Every Season by Roddy Ricch is your classic rap song bragging about coming from nothing and then becoming ultra-rich and successful. Mahomes, who came from a humble background and quickly became a star with a $45,000,000 per year salary, can definitely relate!

This is a great song when you are feeling yourself. We can imagine Mahomes playing this hit and just reminiscing about how far he has come in such a short period of time.

Patrick Mahomes Has Great Taste in Music

Mahomes isn’t just an elite quarterback he also knows how to pick good music! From Travis Scott to J Cole to Future. You can tell Mahomes is a big rap fan and likes high-energy aggressive rap lyrics that are all about winning and proving people. With so many bangers in his playlist, we expect Mahomes to have another big NFL season, bet on the Chiefs winning another Super Bowl by this link. Comment below what your favorite song is from Mahomes’ playlist and what you like to listen to before a big game!