There are many classic gambling-related movies to reach out to the audience. They fall under various categories, one such being movies for the Kiwi players. Many films cater to gambling-related topics and for a punter, these can be an eye-opener. 

Top Movies for Kiwi Players

Movies Appealing To The Punters From NZ


It is one of the most famous gambling movies and was released in 1995. It is a tale about moh-controlled casino gambling in Las Vegas. Joe Pesci Star and Robert De Niro were casino owners and Psychotic enforcers with mafia ties. They fall into a trap that threatens their lives. 

This movie will be a top pick among lovers of online pokies for real money in New Zealand. With the charms of Sharin Stone and some amazing performances by other actors, this film is a perfect blend of gambling with a classical touch. 

The Sting

The main duo of the movie, Paul Newman and Robert Redford are combined successfully over the course of their careers. Both play the roles of two con men, one being a professional while the other, a beginner. 

They attempt to target a criminal boss who loves gambling and is after Robert due to a past encounter. When the con gets much more complicated than how it had begun, the dangers also increase. In the end, we’ll see a dramatic end which shows an ample payoff for a suspense thriller. 

The Hustler

This tale is about an era where online gambling was as close as men living on Mars. Paul Newman’s Eddie Felson is a person with a lot of attitudes who tries to test his pool skills against the Minnesota Fats. 

He soon runs out of cash and only the ruthless words of the manager Bert Gordon could help him get back what he previously had. This movie highlights pool halls, backrooms, and what goes on inside a punter’s mind. 

The Gambler

The movie tells the story of a professor at a University who is addicted to gambling. The movie proceeds showing his addiction deteriorate and plunging into self-destruction and mental illness. 

He becomes worse when in debt and his life becomes risky and endangered. This movie acts as a severe warning against gambling addiction and offers a brilliant climax. 


Rounders is a tale of an entrepreneur Matt Damon, who uses his poker table winnings for paying his University fees. The film has many famous star appearances with Edward Norton, John Malkovich. 

The movie’s showdown shows a high stake game with John playing an unbeatable poker baron that needs to be defeated by Damon. 


This film is not focused on gambling but depicts an amazing story of a jockey, a trainer, and his horse’s rise from rags. Jeff Bridges is a depressed individual with no luck. He had a horse, Seabiscuit, a rather useless one found by a cowboy trainer Chris Cooper. 

Tobey Maguire plays the role of the jockey who goes on to achieve various victories. This is based on a true story from the twentieth century. 

The Cooler

This is a Wayne Kramer movie where H. Macy is the lead actor. Macy plays the role of a person who has no luck and works at casinos where he stands at tables on hot streaks. 

The house edge of the casino is restored and he finds himself as the lucky charm of every gambler in Las Vegas. This movie highlights the casino gambling superstitions and the concept of luck. 

High Roller-The Stu Ungar Story

This is one of the best biographical movies related to gambling. Stuey played by Michael Imperioli is a high roller famed for being the only poker player who has won 3 main event tournaments of WSOP. It shows the breakdown of a man who once had everything. 

It revolves around a gambler’s life cycle from beginning till the end, showing amazing highs and terrible lows. He had eventually lost most of his money on horses and the story of Stu helps gamblers understand the devastating effects of gambling which can initially turn out to be lucrative. 


These movies are highly recommended for the Kiwis as they portray various aspects of gambling. Such movies are meant to motivate people to take help or sign up for self-exclusion programs when gambling tendencies reach a negative level and start affecting the personal as well as professional life of a punter.