It might not feel as though there's anything to look forward to at the moment, but we do still have new albums to listen to every week. Here are the six releases we're most excited about over the coming month.

Mystery Jets - A Billion Heartbeats

(April 3rd)

We got the first taste of this indie band's seventh album last year with singles like Hospital Radio and Screwdriver, so we've since been expecting something a little more laidback with their coming release, A Billion Heartbeats. Anyway, we like what we've heard so far, so it can only get better, right?

Mystery Jets - A Billion HeartbeatsMystery Jets - A Billion Heartbeats

Purity Ring - Womb

(April 3rd)

They've had two exceptional albums so far so we have super high hopes for Purity Ring's third release Womb. Lead single Stardew was a hit with fans so we are certainly looking forward to more of this uplifting, dreamy sound to brighten the dark days ahead. 

Purity Ring - WombPurity Ring - Womb

Ren Harvieu - Revel in the Drama

(April 3rd)

It's been so long since this Manchester singer released her debut album that we'd almost forgotten about her, but now that she's set to unveil Revel in the Drama, we couldn't be more excited. While 2012's Through the Night shifted between lounge soul and huge orchestral anthems, songs like Strange Thing and Curves & Swerves feels more updated with a synthpop vibe that has not disappointed us so far.

Ren Harvieu - Revel in the DramaRen Harvieu - Revel in the Drama

The Strokes - The New Abnormal

(April 10th)

The Strokes are set to return with their first full album in seven years, following Comedown Machine, and this time they've been working with award-winning producer Rick Rubin. Rubin is a rather divisive figure in the music industry, but The Strokes' last album was a little forgettable so we're hoping he's given their music a new lease of life with The New Abnormal

The Strokes - The New AbnormalThe Strokes - The New Abnormal

Grey Daze - Amends

(April 10th)

This barely remembered nineties rock band was fronted by Chester Bennington before he joined Linkin Park, and now they've returned with a new album after 23 years - sadly without their old friend. They'd been planning the album before Chester's death; in fact, it was his idea that they get the band back together; and eventually they decided to carry on Amends without him. If singles What's In the Eye? and Sickness are representative of the rest of the album, we're grateful they didn't shelve the project.

Grey Daze - AmendsGrey Daze - Amends

Awolnation - Angel Miners & the Lightning Riders

(April 24th)

With their last album Here Come the Runts being possibly the band's best album so far, we're eager to see what they've pulled out of the bag two years on with Angel Miners & the Lightning Riders. Certainly songs like The Best and California Halo Blue show they've dropped that organic sound and gone back to their synth-laden roots - but was that a good move? We'll find out.

Awolnation - Angel Miners & the Lightning RidersAwolnation - Angel Miners & the Lightning Riders