One of the biggest disappointments about much of the world being on lockdown during this pandemic is not being able to enjoy live music. Thankfully though, determined artists have been doing their best to bring us live performances virtually, and DiscovrTV have even set up a series of real-time shows broadcast live from the homes of musicians all over the world.

DiscovrTV #HomeConcerts

DiscovrTV launched their HomeConcerts series on March 18th, streaming live music from artists in Johannesburg, Brazil, Spain, Prague, Berlin, London, Cape Town, Hanoi, Zurich and Canada, among other places. So far they've hosted over 30 live shows with around 50 more scheduled until the end of April. 

This week alone has seen the likes Marike Kotze, Quintessenz, Kyle September, Julian Brown and others performing via live streams on Facebook, and we've had the pleasure of streaming them on our own Facebook page. Upcoming live performances will include South Africa's Theron & Canfield, Ross Harding Music, Gunshot Blue and Alanna Joy Music; London's 1403 and Freya Ward; and Prague's Nuummite.