One World Trade Center is already the tallest building in New York. However, it is still missing the remaining pieces of its spire, which will make it the tallest building in the Western hemisphere. The remainder of its reconstruction, following the terrorist attack that destroyed it n September 2001, was supposed to happen today but high winds prevented it from happening, Associated Press reports.

The 104-floor reconstructed building will replace the twin towers that were destroyed almost 12 years ago. New Jersey and New York port authorities have stated that a steel beacon will be lifted into place at a later date, to raise the total height of the building to 1,776 feet tall. The installation of the 800 ton spire began in December 2012, with parts shipped from New Jersey and Canada. When it is in place, the spire will function as a world-class antenna, with a beacon at the peak, to ward off aircraft. When it’s completed, the high rise is expected to open to business in 2014.

One World Trade Center is being reconstructed at the northwest corner of the site, with 4 World Trade Center, a 72 storey building also under construction. Currently the tallest building in the Western hemisphere is the Willis Tower in Chicago.