'The Inbetweeners' creators Iain Morris and Damon Beesley are writing a new comedy vehicle for Hollywood star Will Arnett.

The British pair worked with Will on their latest series 'The First Team', in which he plays American businessman Mark Crane, the chairman of a fictional Premier League football club.

During the coronavirus lockdown the pair have been working on fresh ideas and have been speaking to the 50-year-old actor about creating a project for him.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Damon said: ''We have actually been working on a couple of ideas. We've been talking to Will Arnett about things we might do in the future ... Will Arnett is a big star and a very talented comedy actor.''

The writing duo penned the role of Crane specifically for Will after he contacted them to tell them that he was a big fan of 'The Inbetweeners'.

Damon said: ''We had Will in my mind for that role from the get go. Bizarrely, and we didn't believe it at the time, but Will was a fan of the show we made a few years ago and dropped us a note to say, 'I really like your work guys.' We ended up communicating and setting up a meeting when he was in London and we all just got on and we sort of tricked into signing on to the next thing we did together and this was it. He was brilliant.''

Will, 50, also delighted the writers' children and the kids of his co-stars by phoning the youngsters up and speaking in his Batman voice from 'The Lego Batman Movie'.

Damon shared: ''He was a very generous man with his time, he was very funny on set, he would ring people's kids up and do the Lego Batman voice.''

BBC Two comedy 'The First Team' follows three young professional footballers Mattie (Jake Short), Jack (Jack McMullen) and Benji (Shaquille Ali-Yebuah) and their misadventures on and off the pitch.