Think you’re having a bad day? Well, just think yourself lucky that you’re not Dave Evans from Weymouth. The unlucky craftsman had spent 200 hours putting together a 40,000 piece jigsaw, featuring 33 different images of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee for a world record attempt, only to look on in horror as it collapsed. Dave now has to put the whole thing back together so that it can go on display at the Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

The enormous puzzle measured 19ft 6inches by 8ft (6m by 2.5m) and Mr Evans had painstakingly spent 35 days hand-cutting the puzzle. It was completed at Brewers Quay on Wednesday (April 24, 2013). However, when he returned to the jigsaw the following day, he noticed that it had moved slightly. As he made adjustments, he said that he became distracted, BBC News reports, and the entire thing collapsed. Although some large sections of the puzzle remain intact, he still has an enormous (and some might say fairly tedious) job on his hands getting it all back together). In the video footage of the jigsaw collapsing, Evans can be seen putting his hands to his head and walking away in despair at seeing his labour of love collapsed in a heap on the floor.

The jigsaw, as long as Evans can reconstruct it, will go on display at the Sandringham estate in May, before it is auctioned to raise money for Help for Heroes. 

Watch the moment it all goes horribly wrong