Christopher Maloney, who started his X-Factor career as a quivering mess, has turned his fate around and is now the only contestant left in Gary Barlow's over-28s category. However, at least one of this year's contestants doesn't think Maloney is playing fair and square... in fact, they don't even like him.

The Sun has spoken to Kye Sones who was booted out this weekend. According to Sones, when asked why he thinks Maloney is still in the running, "God knows. He must have an expensive phone bill!" 

"All of us have got really close and then you've got Chris. We've been a really strong group and he's been an outsider - and that's nothing to do with any of us lot." He said, "He's very tactical. There are two different people - one when cameras are there and one when they're not there... I'm just glad that, from day one, I have not lied and have been very honest and that was my main thing and I can walk away with my head held high." Plus, according to the Mirror, a member of staff on the show said "I've seen [Maloney] dialling and redialling his own number over and over again. It's sad really but he wants it that much that he is spending a fortune." They also said that an unnamed production executive said, "You can't outlaw this sort of behaviour but it leaves a very sour taste. It's against the spirit of the show."

Maloney has been honest about his behaviour and has admitted to making calls, but claims that everyone else does it too. Despite the calls he surely can't be making the hundreds (if not thousands) of calls that are keeping him out of the bottom two, so despite the negative comments made by peers and employees, it seems he has fans across the country. We wish him the best of luck- alongside the rest of the remaining contestants.