This story is about a big, loud, highly public wedding and we’re not even talking about Kim and Kanye. Go figure.

Nia Vardalos
Nia Vardalos has another big fat Greek Story to tell.

In the wake of K&K’s wedding, the minds behind 2002’s breakout hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding pulled a shrewd social media move and announced a sequel in the pipeline. And we know what you’re thinking, but no. This isn’t going to be a loosely-based project by another team entirely, a la Mean Girls 2. The script is once again being written by Nia Vardalos and the screenwriter, now 51, will star alongside 53-year-old John Corbett. Just like old times – mostly. MBFGW2 will be produced by Playtone's Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman.

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This time around, the story will follow the loud and proud Portokalos family years after Fotoula 'Toula' Portokalos, played by Nia, and her non-Greek beau Ian Miller, portrayed by John. The original saw them get married after going through the most elaborate and exhausting planning process in history. The sequel will revisit the lovable Portokalos family just in time for another big wedding, after a big secret comes to light.

Speaking to Variety, Vandalos said this about her unexpected return to the project: “Now that I'm experiencing motherhood, I'm ready to write the next chapter of my family story.”

“Of course, a few jaded folks in the press corps will claim I ran out of money or just want to kiss John Corbett again. One of these things is true,” she added.

Now why would anyone think that? 

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John Corbett
It's time for a Portokalos family reunion.