Niall Horan has forced to battle his way through a recent One Direction concert in Denver, Colorado, earlier this week and ended up feeling even worse for his efforts as he struggled to sleep on Wednesday (24 July) night. The 19-year-old took to Twitter to voice his displeasures at feeling "sh*t," before treating fans to an impromptu Q&A about the band's new music video for the new single 'Best Song Ever.'

Niall Horan
Horan has hopefully gotten better since his Twitter moan

The 1D star chatted with fans early on Thursday (25 July) morning about their favourite parts of the band's new video, before going on a mass cleaning session and doing some more promo shout-outs for the new single. After staying quiet all day Friday, he was back online by Saturday to promote the band's performance in Vancouver and judging by the tone he adopted for Saturday's Tweets, he seems to have gotten better.

Despite his illness, Niall and the rest of the 1D boys have had nothing but good news as the video for new single 'Best Song Ever' smashed Miley Cyrus' record for most views for a Vevo video in 24 hours. The vid managed to draw in over 10.9 million views in the short period of time and that number keeps on rising with each passing minute. The track is the first single released from the band's upcoming third album.

As well as promoting the new album, the single has also been released to whip up even more anticipation for the group's fly-on-the-wall documentary and concert film; One Direction: This Is Us. Directed by Morgan Spurlock (Super-Size Me), the film is expected to reach cinemas on August 30 in the US and a day earlier the UK.

Watch the trailer for One Direction: This Is Us

One Direction
The 1D boys have a new album coming out too